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Best Community Association Practices in 2018

When it comes to community management, it’s easy for things to turn south quickly. However, with the right practices, your community can thrive. It may seem like people expect a lot nowadays, but with a few simple tweaks in management practices, you can have a happy, successful community. Association Specialty Group is here to provide you with the best community association practices for 2018!

Accessibility and Transparency

First and foremost, accessibility and transparency are always #1. No one wants to live somewhere where there appears to be unethical and shady activity, or a possible misuse of the fees the residents pay. Moreover, it can seem impossible to get people to participate in board meetings and to get involved with the community if they do not feel confident with how it is being run. With meetings and effective communication, you can establish trust with your employees and residents, creating a happier and more efficient environment.

Show Accountability

Secondly, stay accountable for the work that you have to do and avoid pushing a personal agenda. Being on an HOA board means that you must look out for the good of the community, not for you and your colleagues. If you’re truly serving the homeowners in your HOA community and not yourself, you will have happier members and more productive meetings. A good way to avoid having a personal agenda is to implement a system of checks and balances. This system will ensure that one person does not have all the power – rather, it will be evenly distributed to make sure things remain fair and run democratically.

Pre-Plan Your Meetings

Speaking of meetings, always, always pre-plan your meetings. As important as meetings are to make sure that you’re keeping everyone happy, no one wants to sit through a three-hour meeting that could have been done in less than half the time. If you plan ahead, keep things brief and to the point, and be organized, your attendance will skyrocket.

Keep Track of Your Finances

Finally, we all know that money talks, but when it comes to dealing with other people’s hard-earned money, it practically screams. Creating a stable and responsible use of money will help avoid any money-related frustrations, such as coming up short for certain events, not keeping the neighborhood looking clean, or being forced to let go of the amenities that the residents love.

Upgrade Your HOA

If you’re looking to upgrade your HOA, it may be time to look for an outside community management company. Here at Association Specialty Group, we make things easier, help the community run smoothly, and assist in creating an environment that employees and residents want to be in. To find out how we can make your HOA more efficient and more enjoyable, call us today at (954) 458-5557 or contact us online here. We’ll be sure to provide you with the most advanced services to help your community thrive.

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