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In-Unit Parking for Luxury Condominiums

The coolest new amenity must have in luxury condominiums are car elevators and in-unit parking. It’s exactly what it sounds like: you drive your vehicle onto an elevator platform, hit a button, and you and your auto are delivered to your apartment.



New York City has debuted the new trend with the completion of 200 11th Ave – nicknamed “Sky Garage’” because it was designed with a car elevator that travels vertically to each unit, opening onto an in-unit attached garage. The 19-story condominium with a host of modern amenities is home to actress Nicole Kidman and her husband, country singer Keith Urban and some other well-known celebrities and fashion designers.

“The Sky Garage is a ground up 23-story building of luxury condo units, each unit having a garage with a window in the sky adjacent to the apartment attached by a mud room,” says Steven Kratchman, the architect of the project.” The owner can drive his Range Rover, the SUV chosen as the standard by which the parking facility dimensions should be designed into the elevator with kids and groceries, and drive into the unit and parking garage. The elevator doors close, and the elevator returns to serve the next client.”

In addition to New York, the robotic parking trend has also taken hold in South Florida with the Porsche Design Tower in Sunny Isles Beach. Reportedly 60 stories in height, the 132-unit building is slated for completion later this year and promises to be one of the world’s first condominiums in which drivers can sit in their cars as the elevators take them straight to their apartments. The project by Porsche Design Group and developer Gil Dezer broke ground in 2014 and is expected to have a total of 284 robotic parking spaces, according to the website of Lucrecia Lindemann, vice president of sales for Dezer Platinum Realty. Other luxury developers around the country are paying attention to the trend, with similar in-unit condos expected to pop up in Chicago and other larger cities in the next few years.


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