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Get Ready for Hurricane Matthew!


We’ve had quite the run – over 10 years without any major hurricane systems! Nevertheless, Hurricane Matthew is rapidly approaching Florida, so it has come time to prepare.

Protect the Property

  • Invest in hurricane shutters, or make sure you have enough plywood on hand to protect windows and doors from wind blown debris.
  • Have the roof evaluated for drainage (if you have a flat roof) or loose shingles (on a peaked roof) to make sure that it will survive a storm.
  • If you’re in an area that’s prone to flooding (cough, Miami Beach), have sandbags on the property to protect essential areas, like utilities, if nothing else
  • Have back up systems in place for essential systems, like security and fire. If you have these systems in place, it’s a good idea to have them inspected at the start of hurricane season, rather than after.
  • Identify and secure documents that are hard to reproduce if lost, including bank information, insurance contracts and accounting statements

Have a Plan

  • Make an emergency preparedness checklist and distribute it to residents and employees.
  • Identify evacuation routes and emergency shelters
  • Gather contact information for essential personal
  • Supply a sample list for building a disaster supply kit

Before the Storm Arrives

  • Store all lose equipment, such as lawn chairs and decorations, in a secure area.
  • If you plan on using a generator back up, have plenty of gas on hand to power essential systems. Generators should be tested  monthly during hurricane season.
  • Do a walk through of the property to make sure that everything is secure. This includes boats at the community dock.


  • If possible, evacuate and move outside of the path of the storm.
  • Follow evacuation updates from your local radio or community manager.
  • Do not move once a storm is in progress; down wires, flooding, debris, and high winds are dangerous.
  • Seek shelter, stay away from windows, and stay safe!

More Resources:

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