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Announcement: New Software for Associations and Community Websites

American Management Group (“AMG”) announces a major leap forward in Association Accounting, operating software and websites for all its residential clients starting mid – January 2016.

AMG and CINC Systems working with partner banks offers a turn-key solution to many of the issues previously experienced by Management Companies in handling the books of their Association clients as well as feature rich websites.

This web-based Operating Software mirrors updates with its ancillary partners as well as its websites, providing residents with real-time account information.

new association management software

Homeowner Information:

  • Secure, online, owner information
  • Real-time owner account balance and details
  • Multiple Payment Options: Credit Card, E-Check, Recurring Payments

Homeowner Architectural Submission & Tracking:

  • Owners submit their Architectural requests online
  • Submissions can include pictures and building plans
  • Owners can check their status online and respond with additional comments
  • Status of request is displayed online, along with approval or denial letter

Homeowner Violations:

  • Owners can view their violations and related pictures and letters online
  • Owners can add comments to their violation and inform management of any questions or updates.



Electronic Payment – An Option for Assessment Payments

electronic payment

The association board and manager encourage all members to take advantage of the association’s electronic payment program to pay monthly assessments because it provides numerous advantages to you, the association and the environment.

For association owners, electronic payments are very convenient. We’ve set up your account, you no longer have to worry about lost checks or late payments due to slow mail service.You select the date each month your assessment is paid, and then you have the peace of mind knowing your fees are paid on time. Not only does this save you time and postage, but it can eliminate late fees. Direct payment is also beneficial for the association. It improves our cash flow, reduced delinquencies and decreases bank charges, such as lockbox service fees.And this helps keep your assessments down.

According to the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA), a nonprofit trade association responsible for the nation’s electronic payments system, 43 percent of all U.S. households use electronic payments for at least one financial obligation, including mortgage,  utilities, investments, insurance, and loans. However, 19 billion paper bills are still delivered through the mail each year. If just 20 percent of households in the U.S. switched to electronic bill payments, 100 million pounds of paper would be eliminated from the manufacturing allows of wastewater and 103 million gallons of fuel to deliver. In fact, a 20 percent reduction in production and transportation of bills, statements and checks would spare the atmosphere two million tons of greenhouse gas a year.

For more information on electronic payments, visit

To calculate your paper footprint, visit

Home computers and the Internet have made it easy for all of us to take advantage of the convenience of paying our assessments electronically. Go to and complete your form today…


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