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New Amenities Cater to Growing Luxury Market

As the recession draws to a close, many buildings are stepping up their amenity offerings to buyers with deep pockets. Glamour and high-fashion are back in style. With home sales on the rise, developers are striving to differentiate their communities by offering attractive perks, in an attempt to win buyers from other developments.

apartment gymImage :, Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported | Wikimedia Commons

“With the uptick in the economy, we’re seeing a big push for the buildings to give a facelift to the common areas, be it the lobby, the hallway, the party rooms, or the gyms,” adds Todd Gomberg, owner of Capital Contractor Services in Hallandale. “We’re working with a lot of buildings on upcoming projects where they’re spending a lot of money on everything from new carpets to new lights.” Those investments are also going into new features and amenities for the buildings.

“You see a lot more hotel-type luxuries being brought into condominiums. When they’re at their condo, whether it’s their first or second home, people—especially snowbirds—want to feel like they’re on vacation. And I think a lot of buildings are trying to give that turn-key service,” says Gomberg.

Higher-end buildings also tend to keep up with fitness trends faster, and incorporate some of the most popular leisure activities before other communities. In the past, a standard gym room with a treadmill or two and some weight machines was commonplace. Now, that setup is being added to, and in some cases completely replaced with other amenities. “We’re definitely seeing more stand-alone spas in condominiums,” says Gomberg. “It used to be that only the spas that were tied in with condo hotels would offer their services to the condominium owners. Now, you’re seeing condos build spas right into the condominiums from day one—so that’s certainly changed with the times.”

The market for such high-end amenities is getting so competitive, that new developments are trying to separate themselves from the pack by providing very novel services, perhaps even tied to a popular brand. Take the Porsche Design Tower, currently under construction in Miami. “It’s super high-end luxury, where you can have two to four cars park in your actual unit and you’ll see they actually show renderings of a Rolls-Royce and a Porsche right in your living room. So, you literally park it in your unit and you get in your car in your unit, take the elevator down, and you’re in the street right from your unit,” says Gomberg.

Although there are obvious costs associated with having high-end amenities, such as pool maintenance and heating costs, or salaries for spa and gym attendants. Although amenities aren’t everything, they are an effective way to secure tenancy and enjoyment for all residents.


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